Bryant R. Byrd1, Christina A. Buchanan1, Lance C. Dalleck1The Acute Cardiovascular and Metabolic Responses to GlidingTM Sliding Disc Exercise in Women1High Altitude Exercise Physiology Program, Western State Colorado University, Gunnison, CO, USA.


Aim: The purpose of this study was (a) to assess the acute cardiovascular and metabolic responses to GlidingTM Sliding Disc exercise and (b) to determine if GlidingTM Sliding Disc exercise meets guidelines for improving and maintaining cardio respiratory fitness and elicits a significant energy expenditure. Methods: Twelve women (mean ± SD: age, weight, percentage body fat, and VO2max = 37.2 ± 7.0 years, 69.2 ± 8.4 kg, 29.4 ± 4.1 %, and 35.4 ± 4.5 mL/kg/min, respectively) completed a 35min GlidingTM Sliding Disc exercise session. Cardiovascular and metabolic data were collected via a portable calorimetric measurement system. Results: Mean relative exercise intensity was 57.9 ± 8.0% of heart rate reserve and 50.2 ± 9.3% of oxygen uptake reserve. Absolute exercise intensity in metabolic equivalents (METS) was 5.2 ± 0.4. Total energy expenditure for the GlidingTM Sliding Disc exercise session was 234.7 ± 44.8 kcal/session. Conclusions: Results indicate that GlidingTM Sliding Disc exercise is a feasible alternative to more traditional aerobic exercise modalities for young and middle-aged women that fulfills guidelines for improving and maintaining cardio respiratory fitness.